The word "trauma" has been over-defined to only include Big life events that cause notable harm to a person. Often, we forget to acknowledge the Small Traumas that tend to leave a bigger impact. The sum of all Small Traumas in our lives causes more damage than the Big Traumas. It's important to acknowledge them and not dismiss them.

When a person does not have the ability or resources to deal with an overwhelming or threatening situation, use the word trauma. War, accidents, stalking, kidnapping, abuse these all fall under Big Traumas. They need as much care as Small Traumas- ranging from emotional abandonment, relationship issues, gaslighting, or just being told you're not good enough your entire life. These leave small scars that pile up and have lasting impact on how you think and function on a daily basis. The best way to heal is by working on yourself with trauma-informed therapists. Another Light is here to provide with tools, tips and tricks you require to start on your journey for mental wellness.