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Mental illness is debilitating. It takes away my will to do pretty much everything. I suffer from BPD, which is a result of complex trauma. Aanchal as a therapist has been my anchor for the last couple of months. Therapy is as important as breathing to me and with her I'm learning to cope. It's a long journey, and I'm glad I have her on my side to try and guide me to the shore.

Aanchal is empathetic, understanding and believes in being direct with her clients. She has been and is most helpful in my journey out of depression.

Highly recommend her. She is very perceptive, very helpful, and makes you feel super comfortable. Excellent therapist.

Aanchal is a great person to talk to comfortably. She's a great listener and I assists you in communicating as well. If anyone is finding it difficult to get to therapy, I'd highly recommend taking a session with her.

Glad to have met her. She is some one who listens to you, hears you out. You can just be yourself and talk about your issues.

Great place 10/10!

You will definitely feel lighter after a session with here! I look forward to my weekly appointments.

After having really hard time finding a queer affirmative safe space and having to switch a lot of therapists, I can say this happily that all good things take time. Thank you for being a rock.

Aanchal has helped me find balance in some of the most turbulent times. Her best quality is her voice, which is as honest and as reassuring as she is.

Meeting aanchal the first day itself took away all my inhibitions about going to therapy. She creates a safe space where you feel heard, understood and not judged in anyway. I personally felt like therapy would just be another dead end but going to her regularly has changed my perspective.

I've been going to her for a month now, and can actually see the change in me, and my mental health. Would definitely recommend her to anybody who needs help in figuring out life!

This place is one of the most attentive, empathic and comforting counselors in the city with patience to treat any mental health illness and plethora of modalities to help ease the ailing. 10/10 would recommend her for any kind of problem.

Very flexible timings, takes very good care of the client, is always available for emergencies. Connects very well with the client and makes own feel very comfortable and helps with fun ways of deal with issues.

The thing about Aanchal is that it feels good to talk to her. She makes everything feel normal and that's what helps me with my therapy. I definitely recommend her as a therapist.

I’ve been to a few therapists before Aanchal in the process of finding a therapist who seems like a good fit for me, and none of them are as amazing as her! From the very first session itself you feel comfortable and safe and free to discuss whatever you’d like to discuss whatever you’d like. Her unconventional approach in therapy in fact is what makes her so comfortable to be around. She’s understanding and patient, would definitely recommend her!

Really felt good after attending a session. felt really understood and heard also makes it easy to open up to about the things you have not told anyone. Would recommend to make an appointment.

Aanchal is extremely understanding and accommodating. She makes one feel comfortable almost instantly, especially considering how important it is for one to feel safe when it comes to discussing personal issues. I highly recommend her!

Aanchal is very easy to speak with, understanding, and inspires light and courage. I have and would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

One of the best therapy spaces I came across. They have a very good way of understanding people and making them comfortable in opening there feeling out loud.

One of the best in Bombay with best affordable prices one can get here. Her age compliments the understanding of millennials more than any therapist I have seen before. Her unconventional method of therapy is what makes me want to wait for my next session everytime I end one. Go see her without a doubt. I can personally vouch for a feel good experience after the end of your first session.

There is always a sense of comfort and acceptance when you speak to aanchal. She was my first ever therapist, and I am glad to say, that I chose well! She really guided me through some of my most emotionally demanding times.

Aanchal is an amazing therapist. She is extremely receptive and understanding and prioritises her client's wellbeing before everything. I am very thankful that I have her as my therapist.