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LGBTQ Counselling

High Quality Psychological
Counselling & Therapy in India

by a Team of Expert Psychologists

LGBTQ Counselling

Psychological Counselling & Therapy for LGBTQ, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & Addiction

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LGBTQ Counselling

Another Light Counselling

A Safe Place to Freely Express Your Feeling & Ask Questions

Healing Mental Health by Expert Counselors & Therapists

Founded by Aanchal Narang, you can find at Another Light friendly faces and ears that are willing to listen. Whether you’re looking for a quick resolution, or are interested in long-term solutions, you will find someone who will work with you at your speed and convenience. The therapy sessions cater to anybody who is brave enough to walk through our doors.

There are no questions we won’t hear out, nothing that classifies as ‘too much information’ and there are no wrong answers when you’re at our center. Because no matter who you are, what you’ve done (yes, we help everybody) or what you’re facing, when you’re at Another Light, you are cared for.




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Another Light Counselling - Psychological Counselling & Therapy by Experts

...provides cost-effective mental healthcare to those in need of it. Specializing in care for everything from depression and anxiety to struggles with addiction, gender and sexuality and working on trauma symptoms and trauma, we co-chart the path towards healing and walk down it with you.

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