Hello and welcome to Another Light Counselling!

We provide affordable mental health and counselling services from ₹900 (+ taxes) conducted via our junior counsellors and ₹1200 (+ taxes) for our senior counsellors.

Vidya (she/they)

Counselling Psychologist

Hello, I am Vidya, and I am a trauma-informed and queer affirmative counseling psychologist. I have completed my M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.

As an individual, I continuously endeavor to contribute towards social change through mental health accessibility, advocacy, and action.

In my spare time, I like to update myself on the latest readings in my field, travel, bake and spend time with my cockatiel (who is super cute). I love working with people from different walks of life. I use empathy, genuineness and acceptance as the pillars of my sessions. I believe in empowering my clients in the process of therapy and giving them back control of their lives.

The therapeutic relationship with my clients is one of the most important aspects of my sessions and I endeavour to make it a safe and comfortable space for everyone. I like to use humor in my therapy to make it a more relatable and easier experience for clients.


Aastha (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hello! I am Aastha, and I am a trauma informed and queer affirmative counselling psychologist. I have completed my M.A. in Applied Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

A big believer in the power of a safe space, I aim to provide individuals a space in sessions to feel and think without fear and judgement and truly process all their emotions. I believe insight to be extremely powerful, and am aimed at nurturing an environment that allows for this insight to grow.

In addition to mental well being, I am extremely passionate about books, grandma sweaters, and chai!


Atheena (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hey! I am Atheena and I am a Queer Affirmative and Trauma Informed Counselling Psychologist. I have completed my Masters in Applied Psychology with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences-The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health, Chennai.

My happy place is a beach house where I am reading, eating good food and listening to Arctic Monkeys. I believe media is a powerful channel for self-reflection and can help one realize they aren’t alone.

I believe that self-compassion can make big changes that can help people accept themselves with their flaws. My goal is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and see themselves as the multifaceted people they are. The beauty of therapy is that even if one person benefits from it, it creates a ripple which would touch many other lives.

The safety and comfort of my clients is something I prioritize in my sessions.  I want to be the facilitator who helps my clients understand themselves and find their agency.


Anagha (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hi, I'm Anagha. I'm a Queer Affirmative and Trauma-Informed Counselling Psychologist. I have completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Delhi-NCR.

I have always believed in the power of acceptance and a judgement-free space in therapy and it is something that I strive to create in all of my sessions. One of my favorite aspects of therapy is the authenticity it brings.

I believe in helping my clients feel peaceful, whole, and safe within themselves. In a world of extremes I use therapy to try and explore the middles and greys of life.

Apart from these, books, music, history and culture are few things that spice up my life.



Head of Administration and Communications

Hello! I am Ritika Jain and I’m working for Another Light Counselling!

I’m a certified primary respondent for child abuse and am currently pursuing a certification in counselling psychology at Sampurna Montfort College and wish to pursue a MSc in clinical psychology thereafter. I have always been passionate about psychology and think it’s important to be informed about mental health.

I’ve never believed in the conventional methods of psychology and therefore wish to inculcate my passion for art and design into therapy and put forth creative ways of expression and therapy. India has a long way to go with regards to mental health and I hope to be a facilitator of this change and bring about awareness, especially from a queer  and trauma informed perspective.



Administrative coordinator

Hi! I am Ruchi and my pronouns are she/her. I am an intern at Another Light Counselling. I have completed my Bachelor's and Post-graduate diploma from FLAME University, Pune.

I believe that with kindness and compassion we can go a long way in our mental health journey. I am very passionate about the work that I do as it gives me the opportunity to help people in times of uncertainty and create awareness in the community.

I am always eager to learn and equally eager to pet dogs. Dogs are the biggest example of how love, loyalty, and uninterrupted listening are the best form of support, and I aim to emulate that.






Hi! I am Bavadharini. I am an intern at Another Light Counselling.

I have completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from FLAME University Pune. I have always been interested in behavioural analysis and human resilience. I have always been amazed by the human tendency to cope and survive trauma and I believe I can contribute to that effort through my work here.




Hi, I'm Shweta and my pronouns are she/her. I have completed my graduation from Jai Hind College and I'm a certified primary child abuse respondent. I am pursuing my MA in clinical psychology.

I am a staunch advocate for Mental Health. I believe that the more we understand ourselves, the better we can relate to how and why we behave in a certain way. I am very passionate about the work I do as it gives me an opportunity to create a safe space for an individual. I believe I can contribute in this field through this platform.




Hi, I'm Liz. I am a Psychology Bachelors' student with a prior short course certification in Counselling Psychology and Social Care.

I am a certified NTTC teacher and a writer. Currently, I volunteer at The Story Project and work as an intern at ALC.




Hello! I am Akash. I have completed my Bachelor's from Ashoka University and am now working as an intern at Another Light Counseling.




Hi, I am Saanya. I am an intern at Another Light Counselling. I have completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from FLAME University.



Amit (he/him)


Hi, I am Amit. I am an intern at Another Light Councelling. I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Pune university and am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Psychology from Indira Gandhi open university.

I have completed a certificate course in councelling from Heart to Heart Institute of Councelling, Mumbai; and also a certificate course in Creative Writing from Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. 

The human mind and behaviour have always fascinated me. Having spent many colorful years in the fashion, grooming and entertainment industry, I feel like now my passion is to dress people up from the inside out. 

All of us need a listening ear, a safe space, need to heal and deserve happiness.
Through councelling I want to help create an inclusive, non-judgmental environment where people can express themselves freely and evolve.  

Chocolate, coffee, movies and music for life support!


Aanchal Narang (they/them)


Founder of Another Light Counselling, Aanchal holds a Masters in Applied psychology (Clinical) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai with additional certifications from institutions like the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine, Bombay Psychological Association, Safe Spaces (Accredited by City & Guilds of London), PESI, EMDR Association India to name a few. They have further trained with and certified under experts and veterans of the field like Swati Khanolkar, Dr. Minnu Bhonsle, Dr. Gabor Mate, Tara Brach (PhD), Dr. Diane Poole Heller & Dr. Peter Levine among others.

Over the span of their career, Aanchal has trained over 3500 people on Gender, Sexuality, Violence & Discrimination including healthcare & mental health professionals, NGOs, Government organisations and students. They have co-created learning & training modules and formulated courses along with mental health organisations and NGOs.

An associate member of the Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors and a member of the  International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation, Aanchal has trained and held workshops at premier institutes of India including their alma mater Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai University, Whistling Woods International, KC College Mumbai, Wilson’s College Mumbai and many more. 

Having partnered with multiple NGOs and collectives like Urja Trust, DoctorsForACause, TPJ, Light Up, Cehat, Survivors against TB, Medical Student’s Association of India, iCall, they have worked extensively in the social sector to build awareness and capabilities for issues related to gender, sexuality, violence, discrimination and rehabilitation.
As a personal project in 2020, Aanchal raised close to 11000 USD (almost 8 Lakhs INR) for Sex Workers & Homeless Women suffering due to the pandemic.


Yashaswi (she/Her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hello, I am Yashaswi and I am a trauma-informed and queer affirmative counseling psychologist. I have completed my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. 

I believe in providing a safe, non-judgemental and empathetic space to clients. Within that space, I aim in helping my clients explore and process their true emotions, thoughts, patterns and needs. 

Something that I seek for in the sessions with my clients are “aha” moments. I truly believe that first step towards healing is to simply become more aware about what’s happening inside of us, even during times when problems are outside of our control. 

I believe that each individual has immense potential and resources within themselves for them to survive and heal. I am simply a person who is facilitating that process with you and helping you find these resources. 

Apart from that, I love dancing, painting, playing badminton, going on treks and working out. They help me calm down and release my stress.