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Queer Affirmative Therapy

Queer Affirmative Therapy & Counselling by specialized therapist

Therapy is often geared towards cis heterosexual people whose experiences vastly differ from those of queer people. When the norm is heterosexual, marginalized communities are often unable to find the space they need in order to talk about their problems.

While there might be overlap in the issues themselves- lack of communication, dependency, toxicity- context plays an important role in understanding our clients. Therapists at Another Light put in the extra effort in understanding our clients. Instead of a neutral stance, we actively learn about the queer community, or are a part of it, and understand how it affects your mental health.

Another Light Counselling provides therapeutic practices that affirm gender and sexuality of marginalized communities.. We understand the need for an intersectional approach to therapy- thus, we put the responsibility of marginalization on systems and contexts- such as homonegativity, transnegativity andheteronormativity- and talk about therapy within that understanding. If you are looking for a safe space, we at Another Light are here for you.