The concept of pre marriage counselling in Mumbai or the entire country of India is still currently new, but considering the percentage of arranged marriages that happen in India, one would say that the Indian population would be the most benefited with the popularisation of pre-marital counselling. 

Pre-marital counselling is not something you should simply seek out if you believe your relationship is having problems. A session or several sessions with the counsellor can help you and your partner better understand one another, ask questions you would not have thought to ask, and force you to talk about subjects you might otherwise take for granted. In order to ensure they are making the best decision possible, individuals may benefit from premarital counselling. Once you have a deeper understanding of one another, you can create your new life on a more stable basis.

Premarital therapy also helps couples improve their communication skills before marriage, which is another advantage. As a result, they will have a plan and resources for handling any problems that develop down the line. Living with another person is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things we will ever undertake; as such, we should anticipate making mistakes and feel certain about the necessity for extensive training.

Couples therapy, like many other things that improve our relationships, has a tendency to sound awfully unromantic. It requires persistence, hard work, and a variety of embarrassing conversations about issues that it would be much nicer never to have to think about, much less discuss with a partner and a trained stranger.

Our society instils in us the values of emotion and trust. Couples therapy, however, is aware that this will go horribly wrong because most of our sentiments are erroneous and encoded with primal reactions from a turbulent past. As a result, it promotes a far more sensible course of action: taking a step back from our initial impulses, neutralising them via knowledge, and, where feasible, redirecting them in less self-punitive and more trusting directions.

Although it is greatly rewarding in the long-term, couples may initially avoid or dread counselling out of fear or anxiety over what issues may come to light. Premarital therapy will likely address a variety of subjects, including how you will get along with each other's family and friends, finances, sex, professions, parenthood, how you will handle holidays and other special occasions, and spirituality or faith. While bringing up points of disagreement may help some people confront and successfully resolve them in treatment, others may conclude some difficulties are insurmountable and opt not to get married.

Therapy provides a secure environment for participants to voice their worries, but hearing a partner bring up problems or express ideas about the relationship and each person's position in it might cause resentment or cause conflict. Being open and honest about relationship doubts, expectations, or future aspirations may cause some temporary tension between partners, but many couples can work through this with a therapist and build a solid foundation for their relationship.

Another Light Counselling provides pre marriage counselling in Mumbai and virtually where professionals analyse behavioural patterns of the partners in a relationship, listen to their discussions in order to swiftly determine what creates disagreements amongst couples. 

Another Light Counselling's founder, Aanchal Narang, is dedicated to providing everyone with access to relationship, trauma, gender, sexuality, addiction, and kink-affirmative treatment. She applies psychotherapeutic and family systems theories & techniques in the delivery of professional services to those seeking pre marriage counselling in Mumbai.

Here are 5 benefits of seeking couples therapy in Mumbai at Another Light Counselling:

  • Premarital counselling has the unique ability to provide partners the chance to freely discuss prior problems, which is one of its advantages. Otherwise, these problems might not be brought up.
  • Attending couples counselling before being married will assist you and your spouse in identifying potential concerns that could arise in the future, such as anger management problems or addictions.
  • You'll feel more at ease discussing your financial objectives if you receive marital counselling before getting hitched. It's critical for newly engaged couples to have comfortable financial communication skills.
  • This outsider's viewpoint will help you see your relationship's positive aspects as well as places you may both improve moving forward.
  • Arranged or love marriage, going through couples therapy in Mumbai or remotely before marriage can help you get to know your partner on an even deeper level.


What to expect in your first session of Pre marriage counselling in Mumbai?

Depending on the therapist, premarital counselling may vary. Some therapists could decide to work with the couple as a unit for the duration of treatment, while others might choose to work with each partner separately for one or two sessions. During these private sessions, the therapist has the opportunity to discuss any relationship issues, issues, or concerns with each spouse. Starting off by doing so alone could make it easier for each partner to communicate their relationship goals in a way that is both honest and achievable.

Giving each person a fair chance to express their opinions and any preconceived ideas they may have, as well as their beliefs and expectations. The counsellor knows how to urge you to talk about any serious concerns that are concealed from view and may cause problems for your marriage if they are not addressed in a timely manner. Open and honest conversation is encouraged.

Each spouse will have the opportunity to discuss their ideal marriage, any efforts they have made to get there, as well as any obstacles they believe stand in the way of realising it. Couples can talk about these problems together in joint sessions and, with the therapist's assistance, consider coping mechanisms for them as well as for any further difficulties that may arise during the course of the marr

A premarital counsellor will assist you in coming to terms with the past—marriage issues you have witnessed in others, growing up in a dysfunctional home, etc.—and teach you how to break the cycle.

We are products of the places, events, and experiences that we have. Your image of marriage may have been influenced, even unconsciously, by how you regarded the marriages and couples you knew as a child and what you witnessed occur in those relationships. A premarital counsellor will compel you to reflect deeply on the origins of your thoughts and attitudes. This will assist you in figuring out any problems and how to fix them. The two of you will benefit from having the proper marriage-related beliefs if your marriage is successful.

The act of participating in couples therapy in Mumbai can be a positive beginning to a partnership such as marriage because of the commitment each partner has to improving and strengthening a relationship.

Couples therapy is a classroom where we can learn how to love. We often put things off until we are too furious or dejected to do anything other than hate because we are so ashamed about not knowing the first thing about how to handle it. Sometimes admitting that we haven't mastered the art of loving but are eager to do so in the future with a little guidance is the most romantic and optimistic thing we can possibly do in a relationship.