What does trauma comprise of

We have a fair understanding of what Big Traumas are- ranging from abuse, kidnapping, loss of a loved one, war and so on. While one should not dismiss these, tarma also comprises a lot of Small Traumas. These are the moments that tend to have a lasting impact on your personality as well as the way you interpret the world. They color your interaction with people and situations, the way you react to big and small events in your life, the way you view or navigate a conversation and so much more.

Small Traumas stem from incidents such as childhood neglect, continued gaslighting, relationship issues, attacks on your self-worth, and so many more small events that we are able to dismiss or cope with in that moment. However, as we grow, these incidents snowball to the point that they shape our entire outlook. If you need help addressing your Small Traumas - and we know you do - come to Another Light. We have trauma-informed therapists who understand how trauma works and will actively help you help yourself.