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Couple therapy for queer people

Couple therapy for queer people, marriage counselling, relationship counselling

The whole world is different for people who aren't heterosexual. Consequentially, therapy is different for queer people as well-ranging from the experience to the therapist's own knowledge when providing tools to deal with trauma and other issues.

On one hand, heterosexual relationships are celebrated, valid and affirmed by society as a whole. On the other, queer relationships undergo external and internal difficulties. While relationships should include just those who are actually in them, queer relationships have to weather a barrage of unwanted opinions, pressures and threats from a third party, i.e. society. They are frequently invisibilized, marginalized and discriminated against, often unknowingly in the form of microaggressions as well. Therapy itself is vastly different for cis-het couples, simply because they do not have to face continuous disapproval from family, friends and society.

As a relationship is viewed so differently, so are the internal exchanges, ranging from expressions of love, starting and maintaining relationships, and decisions to part ways. We also understand power imbalances stemming from the situation in which one partner is out and proud while the other is still in the closet. Your identity directly affects your partners and vice versa- making your relationship all the more difficult in a society where you are not considered "normal." Sometimes, the imbalance also comes from different identities and how they shape attraction- such as a bisexual partner with a trans person.

The pressures of a queer relationship are far different from a heterosexual one. At Another Light, we take into account the context and the barriers and provide queer affirmative therapy.