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We provide affordable mental health and counselling services from ₹900 (+ taxes) conducted via our junior counsellors and ₹1200 (+ taxes) for our senior counsellors.

Aanchal Narang (they/them)


Aanchal is the founder of Another Light Counselling. They hold a Masters in Applied psychology (Clinical) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai with additional certifications from institutions like the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine, Bombay Psychological Association, Safe Spaces (Accredited by City & Guilds of London), PESI, EMDR Association India to name a few. They have further trained with and certified under experts and veterans of the field like Swati Khanolkar, Dr. Minnu Bhonsle, Dr. Gabor Mate, Tara Brach (PhD), Janina Fisher, Dr. Diane Poole Heller & Dr. Peter Levine among others.

They work with a trauma-informed and queer affirmative approach and specialise working with childhood trauma, complex-trauma, survivors of CSA and dissociation. They have experience in working with perpetrators of abuse with a reformative justice lens. They have had over 450 clients and 6000 hours of psychotherapeutic work.

An activist, philanthropist, trainer and educator, over the span of their career, Aanchal has trained over 5000 people on Gender, Sexuality, Leadership, Communication, Corporate Wellness, Violence & Discrimination including healthcare & mental health professionals, NGOs, Government organisations and students. They have co-created learning & training modules and formulated courses along with mental health organisations and NGOs. 

An associate member of the Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors and a member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation and an external consultant with the UNHCR, Aanchal has trained and held workshops at premier institutes of India including their alma mater Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai University, Whistling Woods International, KC College Mumbai, Wilson’s College Mumbai and many more. Cracking ways to educate people and spread awareness through subliminal tactics is their favourite challenge. They know how to apply and utilise their skill sets in varied settings.

Having partnered with multiple organisations, NGOs and collectives like NHRDN, ChtrBox, CEHAT, Urja Trust, DoctorsForACause, Mumbai Police, The Plane Jar, Light Up, Survivors against TB, Medical Student’s Association of India, iCall, they have worked extensively in the social sector to build awareness and capabilities for issues related to gender, sexuality, violence, discrimination and rehabilitation.
As a personal project in 2020, Aanchal raised close to 11000 USD (almost 8 Lakhs INR) for Sex Workers & Homeless Women suffering due to the pandemic.

Aanchal Narang, Founder of Another Light Counselling Queer Affirmative Therapist, Psychologist

Atheena (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hey! I am Atheena and I am a Queer Affirmative and Trauma Informed Counselling Psychologist. I have completed my Masters in Applied Psychology with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences-The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health, Chennai.


My happy place is a beach house where I am reading, eating good food, and listening to Arctic Monkeys. I believe media is a powerful channel for self-reflection and can help one realize they aren’t alone.


I believe that self-compassion can make big changes that can help people accept themselves with their flaws. My goal is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and see themselves as the multifaceted people they are. The beauty of therapy is that even if one person benefits from it, it creates a ripple that would touch many other lives.


The safety and comfort of my clients are something I prioritize in my sessions.  I want to be the facilitator who helps my clients understand themselves and find their agency.

Atheena Counselling Psychologist

Anagha (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hi, I'm Anagha. I'm a Queer Affirmative and Trauma-Informed Counselling Psychologist. I have completed my Master's in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Delhi-NCR.

I have always believed in the power of acceptance and a judgment-free space in therapy and it is something that I strive to create in all of my sessions. One of my favorite aspects of therapy is the authenticity it brings.

I believe in helping my clients feel peaceful, whole, and safe within themselves. In a world of extremes, I use therapy to try and explore the middle and greys of life.

Apart from these, books, music, history, and culture are a few things that spice up my life.

Anagha Counselling Psychologist

Yashwi (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hello, I am Yashwi and I am a trauma-informed and queer affirmative counseling psychologist. I have completed my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. 


I believe in providing a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic space to clients. Within that space, I aim in helping my clients explore and process their true emotions, thoughts, patterns, and needs. 


Something that I seek in the sessions with my clients is “aha” moments. I truly believe that the first step towards healing is to simply become more aware of what’s happening inside of us, even during times when problems are outside of our control. 


I believe that each individual has immense potential and resources within themselves for them to survive and heal. I am simply a person who is facilitating that process with you and helping you find these resources. 


Apart from that, I love dancing, painting, playing badminton, going on treks, and working out. They help me calm down and release my stress.


Yashaswi Counselling Psychologist

Aishwarya (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist

Hey! My name is Aishwarya Singh and I am trained as a trauma-informed and queer affirmative psychologist. I have completed my M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from CMR University, Bangalore.

As a therapist, I'd like to provide a safe space for clients where they feel comfortable enough to share their challenges. My goal is to " Help you through" I want my clients to see me as a compassionate listener with a vast toolbox of ways to counteract challenges. I want to facilitate my clients to tap into their strengths, manage their emotions & achieve their goals.

I understand the importance of having a strong therapeutic alliance especially when life presents various conflicts and struggles. I try to be patient, empathetic, and open-minded in all sessions and provide a space that is non-judgemental and caring.

I want to work closely with minority communities and bring social change by taking conscious steps toward bringing awareness about important issues

In my spare time, I like to sip coffee while watching movies and act like a movie critic.

Aishwarya Singh Counselling Psychologist

Sejal (she/her)

counselling psychologist

"Hi! My name is Sejal Bajargan. I'm a counselling psychologist at ALC. I have completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology from CMR University. Along with this, I'm trained in trauma-informed and queer-affirmative therapy.

I aspire to help others and myself live a healthy, safe, and comfortable life. I have always been fascinated by the working of the human mind, body, and behavior, which I wish to understand more.

My aim is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space to my clients where they can share anything they want to.

Iced tea, anime, and food are my go-to things!"

counselling psychologist sejal

Ashna (she/her)

Counselling Psychologist.

Hey! I’m Ashna, a Counselling Psychologist.

I pursued my Masters in Counselling Psychology from Amity university.

I understand that seeking therapy can be difficult and intimidating, and I am here to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

I strive to create a trusting and respectful relationship with each of my clients.

I believe that therapy is a collaborative process, and I will work with you to find the best way to customise a therapeutic journey that would meet your needs.

I truly believe that self care along with therapy can help you manage your triggers, reduce stress, boost self esteem and help with both your physical and mental health overall. My daily practices of self care include having a cup of coffee, painting and buying myself flowers. Apart from being a therapist I’m also a content creator who loves everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Ashna Sharma

Amit (he/him)


Hi, I am Amit. I am an intern at Another Light Counseling. I have a bachelor's degree in Commerce from Pune University and am currently pursuing my Masters's degree in Psychology from Indira Gandhi open university.


I have completed a certificate course in counseling from Heart to Heart Institute of Counseling, Mumbai; and also a certificate course in Creative Writing from Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. 


The human mind and behavior have always fascinated me. Having spent many colorful years in the fashion, grooming, and entertainment industry, I feel like now my passion is to dress people up from the inside out. 


All of us need a listening ear, a safe space, a need to heal, and deserve happiness.

Through counseling, I want to help create an inclusive, non-judgmental environment where people can express themselves freely and evolve.  


Chocolate, coffee, movies, and music for life support!

Amit Intern

Deepti (she/her)

Head of Administration and Communication

Hi! I am Deepti and I am heading administrations and communications at Another Light Counselling!

I have completed my bachelors in psychology and have received trainings in trauma , queer affirmative and narrative practices. I am also trained as a respondent for psychological first aid and suicide prevention. I have been UNAI's MCN Fellow and worked with WFMH for raising awareness about inclusive mental health care. I am very passionate about Intersectional Feminism and Social Justice. I believe everyone who comes to seek help should be treated with utmost compassion and care and I try to ensure the same while structuring communication and training frameworks in the organisation. If you ever face any issues or hesitations with therapy, I ll be available as your go-to person.

I thoroughly enjoy reading, painting, writing and sometimes cooking to lift my spirits. Other times, I compulsively scroll instagram, a boon and a bane.


Khushi Sood (she/her)

Social Media Intern

Hi , I am ALC’s social media intern. I aspire to become a trauma therapist. I am currently doing my masters in applied psychology from Amity University, Noida. I like to read and listen to psychology podcasts.

I believe that there isn’t enough knowledge out there about trauma and people question their lives everyday to why something happens to them and why are they the way they are. I want to contribute in educating people about their trauma and mental health and make them have a better understanding of themselves so, they can accept themselves better.

Mitali Intern

Sujoy (he/him)

Senior Digital Marketer

Hi, this is Sujoy Chakravarty. I’ve more than 13 years of senior and managerial level of working experience in online and digital marketing.

In my entire professional career I worked for a number of Indian and International clients for online promotion of their product/service based businesses.

Another Light Counselling is a great platform for me where I’ve been working as a part time marketing expert to handle their SEO, content marketing and paid campaigning.

I enjoy my work a lot. Besides my work I enjoy reading books, traveling with friends and family, gardening, taking care of my doggy and aquarium fishes and listening varieties of songs!


Shalini (she/her)

Content Writing Intern

I am Shalini, a digital marketer, writer, and video storyteller who strongly believes that each person and place has a unique tale to tell.

I have 2+ years of experience as a digital marketer and worked with companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Pickkr, Sourcewiz, and I'm also building my personal brand as a travel content creator, you can find me at 'xercesshal' !

I am a proud supporter of the intersectional-feminist movement, and I believe that everyone should have access to resources that can help them become their best selves.